In-house Product and Graphic Designer, Anne Lehmann, brings us behind the scenes and talks to us about our New Catalogue, intriguing shadows, hidden faces and high-end design.

Brainstorming, moodboards, sketching, building up, painting, decorating, styling, photographing and editing. Making a catalogue is a comprehensive creative process that involves a lot of steps and considerations, before you can flip through crisp, glossy pages of imagery and layout. In this post we let you in on the thoughts behind our 2016 catalogue! 

New catalogue 2016


Product and Graphic Designer at Normann Copenhagen, Anne Lehmann, is in charge of the overall creative process of creating our catalogues.

Can you describe the style and atmosphere you aimed to create with the catalogue?

''The general idea with the art direction was to add an international, fashionable feel to the pictures. We wanted to create a sophisticated and dreamy ambiance that would intrigue and inspire the reader of the catalogue.''

New catalogue 2016

What did you do to achieve this?

''By including warm textures and bold, contrasting colors, the pictures gained the richness we sought. A new thing we did this time was to use models as “props” for the styling. We wanted to take some of the attitude and elegance we know from the fashion world and bring it into the Normann Copenhagen universe. By having models interact with the furniture pieces, they come to life and stories begin to take shape in your mind.''

''Simultanously, the very graphic, almost museum-like compositions of the pictures and the deliberate lack of decoration show the products as design objects in their own right.''

New catalogue 2016

New catalogue 2016

What was your idea behind the graphic design of the catalogue?

''I was inspired by art and museum catalogues where the paintings are pictured with a great deal of white space surrounding them and only the most necessary text below. I tried to recreate that distinctive aura of pride, you sense from these curated presentations, to make the designs in the catalogue stand out.''  

New catalogue 2016

What do you love the most about the process of creating a catalogue?

''I love managing the whole process: Developing the idea, shaping the visual identity, sketching the story board and making it come to life. I feel very blessed to be able to create something beautiful for a living!''

New catalogue 2016

See the result! Flip through the digital version of the catalogue here.

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