If you are one of those who find yourself staring at a cluttered closet with no clue what to wear, help yourself to a better dressing situation and begin 2016 with a new and improved wardrobe area!

For the many, the turn of the year indicates new beginnings and thus gives rise to promises of better habits. There is nothing like a new year and the outlook for spring that gives you a sudden urge to prune your life and home to make room for something new and fresh.

An area with potential for improvement is most likely the wardrobe. Why not use the turn of the year as an occasion to start again in a more organized way? Declutter your wardrobe and make dressing a joy. Start by weeding out your clothes; out with the shabby and ill-fitting and farewell to never-worn impulse purchases and the pieces you haven’t actually worn since the millennium.

Then get rid of that wobbly old closet where everything is cluttering up. Now, let’s create the perfect new wardrobe set-up…


A clothing rack gives you a useful overview of your clothes. It’s easy to see what you have, which potentially means that you will use more of your clothes. No treasures forgotten in the back of the closet. Keep a smaller closet or dresser to store your basics, like t-shirts and jeans, as well as your socks and lingerie.

Perfect wardrobe
Choose a clothing rack with a bottom shelve and you will have extra space for shoes. This here is Toj.


A necessity in the perfect wardrobe area is plenty of room for shoes. Use a bookcase for shoes and larger bags. Put the plain pairs you do not use that often in boxes and let the prettiest in the pack shine on a shelve. There’s also room for your jewelry box.

Perfect wardrobe
The One step up bookcase matches the Toj clothes rack. Combine them for a coherent storage solution.


Include a beautiful pouf to have a place to sit while putting on shoes or to lay down clothes while trying on outfits. A pouf will give your wardrobe area a luxurious feel.

Perfect wardrobe
Velour adds an exclusive and glamorous touch to your wardrobe area. Here the Circuspouf.


Hang your bags on a coat rack, so you can easily grab the one that matches your outfit and doings. If you are a bit of a collector, this is a great way to display your collection and be able to enjoy it, even when it is not in use.

Perfect wardrobe
The Play coat rack has a welcoming look and its soft rounded pegs won’t damage the strops and handles of your bags.


The final touch for a perfect outfit is accessories and thus the final touch for the perfect wardrobe area must be accessory storage. Store your belts, sunglasses, hairbands, scarves and the like in smaller containers to avoid clutter. Wall-storage saves space and if you choose a creative solution it can work as a decorational element too.

Perfect wardrobe
These Pocket organizers are perfect for the purpose and can be mixed and matched to your liking

All that is left to do is to fill in your clothes and enjoy your new organized wardrobe area. There might even be room for that blouse you’ve been eyeing!


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